September 12, 2017

















This is the first day. These are the first words, as I begin the practice of story telling. Something to do with the time available to me. Now that I have graduated from the basic institutions of life in the modern period. A season for reaping what I have sown. A gathering of memories from the realms of fact and fiction.

I intend spending some moments of every day putting words into print. To write, in plain speech. The prospect has me very hopeful and at least a little unsure. There are many questions about how to begin. And, having begun, how to carry on. To patiently persist in the framing of simple sentences offering insight and encouragement. This as our world seems set to come undone at the seams.

Looking ahead I am determined to pronounce as clearly as possible my perspective on the situation now front and centre in the media. The storms. The floods. The fires. The threat of nuclear war as international tensions gain traction. Lots of reasons to hide from reality. To escape by distraction and diversion.

I will encourage creative resistance at every opportunity. To step out of conformity with structures ordered to the exploitation and oppression of creature and creation. A free, responsible, creative and courageous determination to refuse all that hinders and embrace all that helps. A radical refinement of our social norms and standards. As an athlete running to obtain the prize puts off the superfluous to bring forward focused energy.