September 15, 2017


















What motivates me? What do I feel and think about writing as a task? It is something life has shaped me to take on. Not because there are too few blogs or books in circulation. It is not about where the thoughts land. It is only about being mindful. To be wholly engaged in the expression of my own inner language. Something requiring courage more than ability.

What am I motivated for? So that my free creative effort may enhance the future our children will inhabit. To recognize what is causing our problems. Then to work for remedy. In this way removing diverse obstacles in the way of health and happiness for our children and for us all. Take a moment to explore the science of salt and its effect in our brains. The same with sugar and fat. Addictive substances requiring disciplined use, and the diligent avoidance of misuse or abuse. The former being harmful. The latter dangerous.

We find a clear example in the easy access to "Energy" drinks in the public market. The Health Department commissioned a scientific panel. That panel recommended against easy access for young consumers. They advised labelling the drink as a drug, with a clear indication of consequences following use. The government overturned the science, to permit marketing of psychoactive substances as "Energy" drinks. The corporate powers were well pleased.

We live in a world of ideas. There are all kinds. Each pressing for the establishment of priority. This by our human agency. If we are to build a better world, for our children, and their children's children, we must learn to think clearly. Distinguishing what matters from what does not. Always remembering that children learn by imitation. They absorb the culture into which they are born. It forms the personality of the child in much the same way as the womb shapes its biology. How we act tells the story of our deep loyalties and commitments.

My shift from self concern to concern with the future of all peoples and our planet took many years. Always drawing lessons from experience. From many indigenous perspectives I have glimpsed opportunity for positive change. Beginning with a healthy regard for the natural order. Our children's bodies are formed largely of water molecules. Their bodies are animated by the drawing in of air. Surely water and air ought to be very high on our priority pole? What hurts them? What helps?

You would think that this approach would be welcome in high places. It is not. There are lots of clues as to what is going on. Why do young athletes become celebrity millionaires while hospitals and schools languish for a lack of fiscal resources? The same story with actors. What do they add to our social wellness? Diversion? Distraction? All while history makes plain that Democracy fails where persons abdicate responsibility and accountability.

In younger years I admired and appreciated the songs of Cat Stevens. He now answers to the name Yusuf Islam. He wrote a song asking where it is that the children play. In a world progressing on all fronts his question is a good one. How have our industrial and technological changes shaped our experience? Are we healthier and happier? This is what the advertisers hammer home ceaselessly. Acquiring new and better things is the key to happiness. Does this seem to be the case in your experience?

Video: Where Do the Children Play