September 18, 2017

















It has been a cool grey day. With rain. Brings a whole new range of thought into the foreground. How we seem to be living in a grey time. There is no clear sense of what is beneficial for us in the long run. So we dash about serving the short term concern. Our desire is for goods and services. This material focus relegates our primary human concern to the  background. Circumstantial matters eclipse our primary meaning and purpose as human beings. We lose our connection with the source of our being in the world. Apart from which we are lost in the diverse patterns of ignorance characterizing our time under the sun.

I am wholly unable to tell any person what to think. My responsibility is only to do all that I am able to provoke thought in others. Not a simple seeking of opinion. More a press for critical thought on matters having to do with the destiny of our democracy. A digging through the surface information to discover historical patterns. This allowing us to distinguish between what hinders and what helps, as we seek the way forward in hope. Something not all persons are eager to endorse. Critical thought, as the core element of citizenship, is not amenable to the exploitive messages of the mass media. It expresses a determination for responsible engagement of the democratic processes. This, where passive accommodation is a primary condition for the rise of arbitrary power, will be considered subversive by that rising power.

Every great civilization has come to the crossroads we now face. We have the insight and the resources to remedy human need. This by establishing a true common wealth. An economy where each offers their best in service to the good of all. Not as persons compelled by an external authority. As persons inspired and animated by a vision of the possible for humanity and its natural environment. Each beginning where we are. Striving to eliminate the impediments to our communicative capacities. In this way liberating the clarity by which we all may see our way forward. Putting away what hinders and bringing forward what helps.

Mystics of all times and places have seen our human experience as occurring in the valley of decision. My own mystical experience affirms this insight. At every step of our human journey we are called to choose between this way and that. Always with a clear determination to obtaining good for the time to come. Where we neglect this responsibility, others gladly step in to exercise power in our behalf. We ought resist this dependency relationship with all of our available resources.