September 19, 2017

















We should be clear on what is happening here. I am sitting in a room expressing thought for public viewing. Fully aware of all my limits and faults, I am hoping to make a difference. Not just in these words. In my daily decisions and commitments. A determination for the expression of an imagination alternative to that which dominates our shared experience.

None of what appears here is to be taken in any empirical manner. These sentences were first conceived in the world of experience. Their growth took place deep within, just beyond the threshold of my perception. Now I trust them to rise in service to my highest hope. The improvement of human being by bringing the focus back to what matters. In contrast to what does not.

This sounds lofty. It is in reality well rooted in the ordinary, the common. Walking down the street we encounter others. Many pass by the other with eyes averted. Some consciously. Others unconsciously. Something changes when even one person is intentional about making eye contact. That brief, intimate connection conveys a message. Think of a young person experiencing hard times. The manner in which others look at that person may help or it may hinder. So I cultivate a quiet, peaceful inner being. Transmitting this by my momentary glance and by my focused looking.

The ideas of our historical period are clearly missing an important point. What good is served making money at the expense of our well being and the well being of our environment? Clearly, we are now obligated to abandon private interest and give ourselves in service to the common good. This sounds demanding. There is a sense in which it truly is. Just in the way an athlete seeking to obtain the prize pursues a demanding discipline. Each has opportunity to count the cost. To make a choice. Preferring the way of change for healing to persisting in the consumptive patterns of money as a necessary means to the obtaining of good.

Ideas are not best swallowed whole. They should be well chewed before swallowing. Well digested after swallowing. Allowed to become a living part of our living being in the world.