September 27, 2017


















Spent a good amount of time working out how to post videos to this page. Would be easy if my software were current. It was released in 2002. Google offered a way forward. Lots of fixes for lots of problems. Though I am not yet able to fit videos into the text, I can get them on the page. Hopefully this does not change how the page comes forward in diverse browsers. Will welcome any helpful insights.

I have had the good fortune of getting on well with younger persons. In every context, I have found myself involved with youth actively resisting injustice on a diversity of fronts. Each with an insight and a motive. All passionate for the human world to be better than it is. Trusting that remedy is available. If we are willing to swallow the cure. To remove the impediments and strengthen the enhancements. A rigorous pursuit of truth in the hope of justice, through the free association of persons and communities of persons.

There is a deepening darkness in play. Folk are more worried today than yesterday. Good reason for getting in touch with light. Letting it become the primary concern of our daily enterprise. Discovery of our true human being. The removal of multiple layers of accommodation with the ways and means of the present understanding.  This in contrast to taking on information from the many perspectives calling for attention and allegiance. Perspectives ready to make war to justify their version of ultimate responsibility. As if history has not made plain that war solves nothing. With each wave the consequence of war is intensified. We will turn aside or we will perish.

I have both opportunity and responsibility. In freedom I may bow before the principalities and powers. Or I may resist them by all available means. The former tends towards a centralized, hierarchal power. The latter to a horizontally distributed power. Each bearing an aspect contributing to the good of the whole. Think of the organs of your body. What follows where the brain takes a dominant role to the hurt of other organs? The desire for excessive stimulation by resort to diverse psycho-active substances. Not the fancy stuff you see in the news. The common stuff you buy from Coca Cola and McDonalds. Major contributors to diverse negative health outcomes.

Each of us has opportunity for the exploration and expression of four basic concepts. What does freedom mean? What is our responsibility? What is creativity? Courage? Pressing these questions forward with integrity we have opportunity to be agents of change. To make the difference for which the earth and its peoples are hungry and thirsty.